The projects below come from coursework and other job experience that demonstrates my ability to write for different genres and topics.


#BackTheBlue Enterprise Story

An enterprise story is not based on press releases or news conferences. They are intended to go beyond merely covering events and explores the forces shaping those events. In this editorial, I focused on the #BackTheBlue campaign. This short piece shows what it is like to be a family member or close friend to a police officer with quotes from individuals who are close to an officer. Click the button below to read more!

Ally Program Logo Final.png

Ally Program Promotional Plan

The Children and Family Center located in Maryville, Missouri wanted to start a program that would assist individuals with their transition out of the shelter. Activities would include going grocery shopping, going to Church, or any other activity around the Maryville area. The Children and Family Center believes that having someone to assist with the transition will reduce the number of individuals who go back to their unhealthy habits because that is what they are comfortable with. Click the button below to read through the promotional plan for the program!


Kip Kittens Crisis Communication Plan

Crisis communication plans are created to ensure that communication is immediate in the event of a crisis with your business or organization. To keep you business or organization in good standing with stakeholders, you must be able to respond promptly, accurately, and confidentially. This crisis communication plan was created for Kip Kittens Gymnastics, an on-campus gym for children between the ages of three and fifteen. Click the button below to read through the plan!


Info Graphic

An info graphic gives individuals the opportunity to learn how to do something through images. This info graphic's purpose was to inform freshman at Northwest Missouri State University how to register for their classes. Click the button to view the graphic!


Web Publishing Work

The following section provides research papers that I completed on user experience, search engine optimization, usability, traffic analysis, and more for

Word Collage

Usability Test for

Many companies use their website as the only point of contact with their stakeholders. This is why usability is crucial for every website. Usability goals are typically set with user profiling, the types of tasks on the site, and the business goals of the company that runs the site. This document looks at the ways has demonstrated usability and could improve their usability. Click the link below to read the document!

SEO Analysis & Recommendations for

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has a goal of increasing traffic from a diverse group of individuals on a regular basis. Content on a webpage must be updated on a regular basis in order to draw in high amounts of traffic. This document is an in-depth analysis of's SEO and my personal recommendations for SEO improvements. Click the link below to read the document! Popularity & Traffic Analysis

The overall popularity and traffic to a website defines how popular or unpopular a website is. A traffic analysis can be conducted to further understand who is visiting your site, how long they are visiting your site, and what about your site those individuals like the most. The document goes into extensive detail about the traffic and popularity of Click the link below to read the document!


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